viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014

The Internet is unstoppable Information

Users of social networks were quick to respond. Just had difficulty obtaining information about the demonstrations on Wednesday in cities across the country, seeking alternatives on the Internet and shared with their followers.

"Here is the link to see @ NTN24 Internet," said a user through the Twitter account shortly after the sign of the Colombian television was taken from the grid of DirecTV and MovistarTV operators by the National Commission Telecommunications (Conatel) and was impossible to access their website.

Others shared links to web pages (as where you could see many online channels, including and

"The first thing to know is that the Internet is unstoppable. There are thousands of options to learn," says Roberto Correa, systems engineer.

Face difficulties

It is a true story that Venezuelan Internet is slow and expensive. It is ranked 120 in average connection speed, with 1.5 megabytes per second, behind countries like the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia and Brazil alone surpasses Bolivia and Paraguay, according to a study recently published on the web by the firm Akamai.

This, despite Conatel invested over 500 million bolivars to increase browsing speed to its users last year.

To this is joined by constant attacks on social networks, Internet service crashes, and locked pages. The most recent case was the fall of the four pages of government institutions, allegedly caused by the Anonymous group of cybercriminals.

" is down, thanks to Anonymous," said the social network Twitter. So did the pages and

How do you deal with the difficulties and not fall into a news blackout over the web?

Users choose to use Google Public DNS to improve speed and Internet-these are responsible for allocating IP addresses web codes. Usually, the DNS that provide Internet service providers do not have the best speed.

Speaking of speed, another recommendation is Opera Turbo, a software for the Opera browser that allows full connection.

When Opera Turbo is enabled, webpages are compressed via Opera's servers to use less data than the originals. This means there is less data to download and you can see the pages more quickly, as explained in the digital portal.

If there are problems accessing news websites, one option is accessed through applications for mobile devices (like smartphones and tablets)

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