viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014

People are shocked to demonic possession Missionary

A strange case shocked this city: a 15-year-old has several days behaving inexplicably and his family believed to be a victim of demonic possession. According to legend, the youngest, who remains hospitalized in the Hospital Area, makes unusual body movements, speaks with a male voice, sometimes in an unintelligible language and sometimes with aggressive language, and shows an improper force.

The story began in the early hours of Sunday when the girl, who is participating in a parade at local carnivals, at the end of the parade broke down and fainted. The doctor who treated her in the emergency diagnosis and hospital dehydration after compensate, allowed the ride home. But the problem far from over, just beginning. The episodes of abnormal behavior began to be repeated, but in a moment of lucidity Young told his mother he was the victim of a kidnapping attempt. The family made the complaint and from the station confirmed that they are investigating the case by order of the Court of Instruction No. 5 of Leandro N. Alem. The versions are many, but the family believes this is a case of possession. "Speak of angels, which are three, she want mate and an older sister, I do not know what to do," said Fabiana's mother. He said that "he came pastors and father Juan, also a missionary, who prayed, but she laughs when they make sentences and squirms, has red eyes, change facial expression and the only one who does not speak evil is to me ". Meanwhile, Fiorella (19), one of the sisters,

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