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A rare disease keeps him drunk all day

A rare disease keeps him drunk all day Very crazy. The poor man suffers syndrome autodestilación that converts carbohydrates ingested alcohol.

This case if it's too weird and other unusual. This is Matthew Hogg, a man of 35, who distilled alcoholic for 20 years. But most surprising of all this is that the guy has not been drinking ever in your life.

So why did that happen? Well, it suffers from a strange disease Hogg called autodestilación syndrome, excess yeast in the small intestine which causes the alcohol to be absorbed into the blood. This means that every time you eat sugars or carbohydrates transforms them into alcohol.

Also, this rare disorder causes Matthew suffers almost daily the effects of drunkenness, just for having consumed sugars or carbohydrates. "I suffered pounding headaches, terrible nausea, sometimes vomiting and suffered dehydration, cold sweats, trembling hands.

It was as if the night before had gone, without having consumed any alcohol, "said Hogg portal Vice distressed and stressed that this started to happen whenever small particularly carbohydrates consumed

Unfortunately, the disease that has no cure yet, why, all I can do not to stay drunk all the time is a diet that is low in sugars.

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