viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014

Each time more local suspended credit cards

More and more bars and restaurants suspended credit cards for inflation

This is a growing trend in the neighborhoods of Palermo, Belgrano and downtown, in a tour by the NATION, traders explain why they failed to operate electronic payments

Inflation does not let appear new habits and traders. Now, a growing trend is the suspension of credit cards in bars and restaurants.

In a tour that made the NATION, which included areas of downtown, Palermo and Belgrano, plus many empty tables warns that credit cards are temporarily out of service. Some warn customers through posters on the door and makes others when they are consulted only when entering the place.

For example, 80% of the bars located on Calle Reconquista, epicenter at lunchtime of the Buenos Aires City, do not get credit cards and debit few. The complaints are around the cost of the fees that banks charge for the service, combined with inflation and the time of reinstatement.

"With inflation does not help me work with credit cards because the reimbursement is 28 days and the chicken in the past two weeks increased 22%. Acknowledge that, as a result of this situation, the clientele dropped me 20%" , hereby draws Nicolas Diaz, owner of bar Druid In. In the same vein in charge of City Bar, near the first states:

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