jueves, 13 de febrero de 2014

After acquisition in 2012, IBM takes control of Kenexa

Kenexa, one of the leaders in service selection and retention of employees, was acquired by IBM in 2012 for $ 1.300 million. After two years of advertisements global integration of Kenexa within IBM, the transition has taken place recently.

A counter to the principles they preach the most liberal views on free markets and competition, the process of market concentration in the hands of multinational IT continues its path as in other areas where the buying and selling of companies is a matter of daily.

The dynamics of reputable computer companies, from its position as a benchmark in the industry in the last 50 years have gone from producing hardware and information technology, to service companies. While these services have to do with computers, also include activities as diverse.

In the last decade a festival sales and acquisitions service was given by the great technological. One egregious example was the case of the purchase of EDS by Hewlett-Packard in 2008 to compete against rival par excellence: IBM. Within the same trend, IBM acquired Kenexa in 2012 with the aim of venturing into the business of Human Resources in the amount of USD 1,300 million.

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