domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

In Cuba had economic problems

"In Cuba had financial problems and wanted to give a future to my family"

Henry Vergara Negrin, who became the first Cuban to cross the dangerous Straits of Florida on a windsurfer. "I do not recommend anyone to do it," said

Vergara's story has two betas: the feat and his motives. Because behind the feat of crossing the Straits of Florida on a table remains a fact that led him to risk his life. The area went through a real cemetery "rafters" Cubans, where the presence of sharks is a minor beside its powerful winds and currents obstacle, and waves over 20 meters Why did? "In Cuba had financial problems and wanted a future for my family could not give that back," he told Infobae from Miami.

His family did not know. "I planned in secret," he recalled. Although he had an encouraging precedent: his father left the island in 1994, during the "rafters crisis." Wednesday saw him again after 20 years. Vergara was only 4 when his dad left his country. "When I met him he told me he had committed a folly. But that's it, now I'm here and I want to enjoy my life," he said.

The preparation was long. "We made it stress tests or were running several hours without food or drink water to get used to," he explained. Although already practicing windsurf, Vergara spent a year training alongside two colleagues Amando, 28, who after being missing achieved landfall and is in a hospital in the United States, and Dwarta, 23, who was rescued by and a fisherman and was repatriated to Cuba.

Dwarta, Armando and Henry, before crossing the Straits of Florida

"We estimate the current climate, and we left the three together on Tuesday at 9 am from (the town of) Jibacoa. All I had was a backpack with a bottle of water and a GPS. Nothing" recounted.

At some point the waves were so big that Vergara lost sight of his companions. "It was becoming increasingly angry, especially current and air. About 4 hours after leaving, about 100 kilometers from Florida the wind became stronger. Was afraid At that time, because I realized how difficult it was, "he confessed. "I fell several times, but was convinced to get" he added.

So far only two Cubans had crossed the Straits of Florida on a table, but both had been intercepted at sea. Vergara was the first to complete the daunting journey. At 18 hours and completely exhausted, he reached the beach at a luxurious hotel in the Florida Keys. He says he was treated "as if you were home."

Your Facebook account ("Internet was very expensive for use in Cuba" still says he lives in Santa Fe, a town in the Havana municipality of Playa. However, you can stay in the United States because it touched down on its own, as it requires the Cuban Adjustment Act and its policy known as "dry feet / wet feet."

And think about a future with his father and a brother who was born on U.S. soil. "I want to continue surfing. But it is a wish, because I have no offers yet," he esperanzó.

Would you recommend to a family member or friend to do the same?

No, because it's quite difficult.

But do you repent?

No way.

In some forums questioned what you did ...

Let me try and you'll see that I can beat my record of 9 hours

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Innocent dies when hitting guaya placed by fascists

The information was confirmed by the Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres, who explained that the incident occurred at the height of the Horizonte urbanization in the municipality Sucre.

He said that it is a supermarket worker who had just quit their jobs and headed to his residence in Petare.

It is presumed that the darkness of night and the characteristics of the steel cable made it impossible to see it.

Users of social network twitter as Arnaldo Espinoza, assured the youth was beheaded at impact guaya.

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The football this holiday: Today Riquelme returns

Riquelme returns after 91 days, but only on Sunday define where the Viceroy: beside him on the bench or as a surprise among the 11.

Juan Román Riquelme baffles traditional parameters by which journalism is often guided by one simple reason: when it is, the intuition, the information of the day, common sense and comparison with recent history of other players lose meaning. So the guy is able to play a week of tearing when doctors define it as "impossible." Or again, take more than three months in recovery, re-focus and the hope of salvation football are incredibly deposited on it. Román Because, ultimately, that is. The man who could transform the most utopian feats such as the Bombonera tangible reality.

There, in the courtyard of his house, is where will be back after 91 days. The 16 minutes against All Boys on November 24 were the last he could play and that generated a detached hamstring that "complicated even to walk." The wait is over. And despite the attempt Bianchi take it slowly and not burden of responsibility, the volcanic context that generates Boca is the exact opposite. Or in someone's head comes the possibility that in a tough match for theirs can continue outside when no one dares to catching the ball? The expectation is so high that the Viceroy even maintains the rule definition and not start him. Just decide where to put it today: next to him on the bench or at 11.

"If you suffer, suffer together," said the little hitch Bianchi that the winningest coach in history took to start his third round at the club. Hard to find a better predictor: things, so far, they went very wrong. The 10 returns to lend a hand to his footballing father. And also, to start playing for him. With little to lose should show the CD you do not need any kind of evaluation to define the renewal of his contract. He made a special season to recover, to return well and make a difference. Today, against students, will have the first opportunity.

With 20 minutes (minimum) in court Riquelme, Boca will be enough to win the game, write down .

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sábado, 15 de febrero de 2014

A rare disease keeps him drunk all day

A rare disease keeps him drunk all day Very crazy. The poor man suffers syndrome autodestilación that converts carbohydrates ingested alcohol.

This case if it's too weird and other unusual. This is Matthew Hogg, a man of 35, who distilled alcoholic for 20 years. But most surprising of all this is that the guy has not been drinking ever in your life.

So why did that happen? Well, it suffers from a strange disease Hogg called autodestilación syndrome, excess yeast in the small intestine which causes the alcohol to be absorbed into the blood. This means that every time you eat sugars or carbohydrates transforms them into alcohol.

Also, this rare disorder causes Matthew suffers almost daily the effects of drunkenness, just for having consumed sugars or carbohydrates. "I suffered pounding headaches, terrible nausea, sometimes vomiting and suffered dehydration, cold sweats, trembling hands.

It was as if the night before had gone, without having consumed any alcohol, "said Hogg portal Vice distressed and stressed that this started to happen whenever small particularly carbohydrates consumed

Unfortunately, the disease that has no cure yet, why, all I can do not to stay drunk all the time is a diet that is low in sugars.

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Gigabyte expects to sell five million motherboards in 1Q14

Gigabyte expects to sell five million motherboards in 1Q14 Gigabyte is expected to sell the first Q of 2014 five million motherboards, having the opportunity to beat Asustek Computer,

Which is expected to be around five million units, according to sources of supply chains.

Gigabyte sent over 20 million motherboards in 2013, mainly thanks to strong demand in China, which represented approximately 40% of shipments, the sources said.

However, since the industry high-end motherboard is being dominated by Asustek, Gigabyte will have to strengthen its competitiveness in the sector in order to improve profitability and we can say, are very, very well.

Gigabyte President, Alexander Ma previously said the company will focus on driving the markets mid-range and high-end in 2014 to boost its ASP product and improve gross margins. It is expected that global shipments of motherboards fall 5% yoy in 2014, but shipments of the company will remain and grow think compared to 2013.

The most affected are the smaller players like ASRock, MSI, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) and Biostar are expected to lose between 10 and 15% in the first quarter.

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viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014

Five weapons capable of changing future wars

Predicting that there are weapons that have a greater impact on the fighting of the future is a complex task, since both the world and the very nature of war is changing, but I tried the journal The National Interest '.

Most of the weapons 'great future' that have been submitted are still in development and the list of weapons that could change the course of war as a traditional local operations not intended to represent the enormous range of modern weaponry.

However, compiled by U.S. magazine 'The National Interest' list presents some trends in forms of combat that can affect everyone in the coming decades.

'Hypersigil' or 'Quantum Stealth'

With the use of metamaterials (artificial materials that have unusual electromagnetic properties) of natural origin, scientists have been able to design materials that distort the light waves and thus greatly reduce the thermal and visible images of a target.

The military implications of this development are obvious, such as 'invisibility cloaks', able to completely hide the soldiers fighting for both regular and special commands troops operating in enemy territory undetected.

Such capabilities reduce the risk of casualties during military operations while increase the ability to launch surgical strikes and surprise an opponent. The same technology could adversely affect civilian life, these devices falling into the hands of non-state 'actors' as guerrilla or terrorist groups.

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The Internet is unstoppable Information

Users of social networks were quick to respond. Just had difficulty obtaining information about the demonstrations on Wednesday in cities across the country, seeking alternatives on the Internet and shared with their followers.

"Here is the link to see @ NTN24 Internet," said a user through the Twitter account shortly after the sign of the Colombian television was taken from the grid of DirecTV and MovistarTV operators by the National Commission Telecommunications (Conatel) and was impossible to access their website.

Others shared links to web pages (as where you could see many online channels, including and

"The first thing to know is that the Internet is unstoppable. There are thousands of options to learn," says Roberto Correa, systems engineer.

Face difficulties

It is a true story that Venezuelan Internet is slow and expensive. It is ranked 120 in average connection speed, with 1.5 megabytes per second, behind countries like the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia and Brazil alone surpasses Bolivia and Paraguay, according to a study recently published on the web by the firm Akamai.

This, despite Conatel invested over 500 million bolivars to increase browsing speed to its users last year.

To this is joined by constant attacks on social networks, Internet service crashes, and locked pages. The most recent case was the fall of the four pages of government institutions, allegedly caused by the Anonymous group of cybercriminals.

" is down, thanks to Anonymous," said the social network Twitter. So did the pages and

How do you deal with the difficulties and not fall into a news blackout over the web?

Users choose to use Google Public DNS to improve speed and Internet-these are responsible for allocating IP addresses web codes. Usually, the DNS that provide Internet service providers do not have the best speed.

Speaking of speed, another recommendation is Opera Turbo, a software for the Opera browser that allows full connection.

When Opera Turbo is enabled, webpages are compressed via Opera's servers to use less data than the originals. This means there is less data to download and you can see the pages more quickly, as explained in the digital portal.

If there are problems accessing news websites, one option is accessed through applications for mobile devices (like smartphones and tablets)

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