viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014

Narcotúnel: 146 meters to go from Mexico to the U.S.

seized 290 kilos of marijuana and heroin

Mexican federal forces closed the longest tunnel used to smuggle drugs in Nogales, Sonora, to the namesake town in the U.S. state of Arizona. While in recent years has been repeated news these findings, in this case several details distinguish it from the rest.

The passage was used to transport marijuana and heroin into the U.S. The principal is the length of the work. It is a passage of 146 meters, a width of 60 inches and a variable height. In sectors entered a standing individual, while in other corners is reduced to one meter.

He also had several "services" that gave much comfort to those who used them. On the one hand, the security of a paneling containing possible landslides, but was also fully lit and had a ventilation system.

The investigation to this illicit tunnel was a joint undertaking of the American DEA, Border Patrol and Mexican authorities, who found the end of the passageway hidden in a house near the border. From there he communicated with another building on the U.S. side of Nogales.

The agents also seized 290 kilos of drugs, marijuana and heroin, as roamed the tunnel. The activity of drug trafficking on the border is becoming more sophisticated with the control of police forces, seeking to prevent it.

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