viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014

Five weapons capable of changing future wars

Predicting that there are weapons that have a greater impact on the fighting of the future is a complex task, since both the world and the very nature of war is changing, but I tried the journal The National Interest '.

Most of the weapons 'great future' that have been submitted are still in development and the list of weapons that could change the course of war as a traditional local operations not intended to represent the enormous range of modern weaponry.

However, compiled by U.S. magazine 'The National Interest' list presents some trends in forms of combat that can affect everyone in the coming decades.

'Hypersigil' or 'Quantum Stealth'

With the use of metamaterials (artificial materials that have unusual electromagnetic properties) of natural origin, scientists have been able to design materials that distort the light waves and thus greatly reduce the thermal and visible images of a target.

The military implications of this development are obvious, such as 'invisibility cloaks', able to completely hide the soldiers fighting for both regular and special commands troops operating in enemy territory undetected.

Such capabilities reduce the risk of casualties during military operations while increase the ability to launch surgical strikes and surprise an opponent. The same technology could adversely affect civilian life, these devices falling into the hands of non-state 'actors' as guerrilla or terrorist groups.

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