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Cristina lost nearly $ 11 million, and you criticize her!

June 6, 2012. "I have a fixed-term dollar old for quite some time and have it in the other weights, because really, is objectively more profitable to have it taken into pesos in dollars." The President's Office decided to lead by example and told on national television. "'ve Decided I'm going to put my time deposits in pesos," he said Cristina. From that time spent just over a year and a half and that decision, the head of state lost at least 11 million pesos. Which meant profitable, it was not.

In July 2012, thirty days after the announcement, Cristina Kirchner issued pesificación of $ s3.220.252 and derived the result in different weights to the National Bank time deposits. According to his latest sworn statement of assets, the President has nine time deposits in pesos 19,481,783 pesos.

The dollarization of the fixed term of the head of state, was completed on June 8, 2012, to a value according to the official exchange rate at the time, of $ 4.57 for every dollar. Thus, just over three million dollars were transformed into 14,716,551.64 pesos. The president said his transaction would be profitable, but the devaluation of its government made him lose money. If I had not pesificado their dollars in 2012 and decided to do it today, at an average of rate to $ 8, the result would be $ 25,762,016, just over $ 11,045,465 difference, 175% more than you originally obtained. If the account is the change in the free market, bad business is even worse: their dollars would be equivalent to 38,482,011.04 pesos. Almost more than $ 24 million difference with the operation that was completed in 2012.

Pesificar their dollars was a decision made after the journalist Victor Hugo Morales invited to give the suit. The President, at the time of the announcement, also urged the officials of his own cabinet and Victor Hugo give the example. In 2013, the journalist admitted he was not good business: "I will take just one example of lost money recently pesifiqué, suppose you were $ 100,000 It was more than that money But suppose they were $ 100,000 for... you can get fast mind. Three or four months later, I lost 500 thousand pesos (in proportion to the amount of example). "

It was not the only one. Former Chief of Staff and current senator Aníbal Fernández also had to bet on pesificadora wave, not even agreeing. When in 2012, shortly after the president's decision, was asked why he kept his dollars, Fernández responded that it was "stupid" because it would "lose money." But I had no choice and pesified: "I did what I had to do, nothing more than that." He also lost money, but the amount was learned. To justify its operation, Fernandez asked the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Daniel Scioli, who pesificated the $ s201.175 declaring in its latest affidavit. "Criticism is. Loco, dale, will collaborate with us, you're not going to die What you put on a fixed term and gives you much better twine that you get the dollars," said Sen. public statements referring to Scioli. The Buenos Aires boss ignored him and won.

"I'm not leaving because I'm not a witch, nor am I a bird, but I want the Argentines understand how to play with their illusions, how to poison their lives, how they fill your head, how bitter, how do you make the wrong decisions about of their own money, their own resources and that as soon as they end up paying all Argentines, "said Cristina Kirchner on Wednesday by national chain. "The dollar loses that bet," able to say in 1981 Economy Minister Lorenzo Sigaut. Decades later, the President ignored him: bet the weight. Also lost.

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