domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

The football this holiday: Today Riquelme returns

Riquelme returns after 91 days, but only on Sunday define where the Viceroy: beside him on the bench or as a surprise among the 11.

Juan Román Riquelme baffles traditional parameters by which journalism is often guided by one simple reason: when it is, the intuition, the information of the day, common sense and comparison with recent history of other players lose meaning. So the guy is able to play a week of tearing when doctors define it as "impossible." Or again, take more than three months in recovery, re-focus and the hope of salvation football are incredibly deposited on it. Román Because, ultimately, that is. The man who could transform the most utopian feats such as the Bombonera tangible reality.

There, in the courtyard of his house, is where will be back after 91 days. The 16 minutes against All Boys on November 24 were the last he could play and that generated a detached hamstring that "complicated even to walk." The wait is over. And despite the attempt Bianchi take it slowly and not burden of responsibility, the volcanic context that generates Boca is the exact opposite. Or in someone's head comes the possibility that in a tough match for theirs can continue outside when no one dares to catching the ball? The expectation is so high that the Viceroy even maintains the rule definition and not start him. Just decide where to put it today: next to him on the bench or at 11.

"If you suffer, suffer together," said the little hitch Bianchi that the winningest coach in history took to start his third round at the club. Hard to find a better predictor: things, so far, they went very wrong. The 10 returns to lend a hand to his footballing father. And also, to start playing for him. With little to lose should show the CD you do not need any kind of evaluation to define the renewal of his contract. He made a special season to recover, to return well and make a difference. Today, against students, will have the first opportunity.

With 20 minutes (minimum) in court Riquelme, Boca will be enough to win the game, write down .

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