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In Cuba had economic problems

"In Cuba had financial problems and wanted to give a future to my family"

Henry Vergara Negrin, who became the first Cuban to cross the dangerous Straits of Florida on a windsurfer. "I do not recommend anyone to do it," said

Vergara's story has two betas: the feat and his motives. Because behind the feat of crossing the Straits of Florida on a table remains a fact that led him to risk his life. The area went through a real cemetery "rafters" Cubans, where the presence of sharks is a minor beside its powerful winds and currents obstacle, and waves over 20 meters Why did? "In Cuba had financial problems and wanted a future for my family could not give that back," he told Infobae from Miami.

His family did not know. "I planned in secret," he recalled. Although he had an encouraging precedent: his father left the island in 1994, during the "rafters crisis." Wednesday saw him again after 20 years. Vergara was only 4 when his dad left his country. "When I met him he told me he had committed a folly. But that's it, now I'm here and I want to enjoy my life," he said.

The preparation was long. "We made it stress tests or were running several hours without food or drink water to get used to," he explained. Although already practicing windsurf, Vergara spent a year training alongside two colleagues Amando, 28, who after being missing achieved landfall and is in a hospital in the United States, and Dwarta, 23, who was rescued by and a fisherman and was repatriated to Cuba.

Dwarta, Armando and Henry, before crossing the Straits of Florida

"We estimate the current climate, and we left the three together on Tuesday at 9 am from (the town of) Jibacoa. All I had was a backpack with a bottle of water and a GPS. Nothing" recounted.

At some point the waves were so big that Vergara lost sight of his companions. "It was becoming increasingly angry, especially current and air. About 4 hours after leaving, about 100 kilometers from Florida the wind became stronger. Was afraid At that time, because I realized how difficult it was, "he confessed. "I fell several times, but was convinced to get" he added.

So far only two Cubans had crossed the Straits of Florida on a table, but both had been intercepted at sea. Vergara was the first to complete the daunting journey. At 18 hours and completely exhausted, he reached the beach at a luxurious hotel in the Florida Keys. He says he was treated "as if you were home."

Your Facebook account ("Internet was very expensive for use in Cuba" still says he lives in Santa Fe, a town in the Havana municipality of Playa. However, you can stay in the United States because it touched down on its own, as it requires the Cuban Adjustment Act and its policy known as "dry feet / wet feet."

And think about a future with his father and a brother who was born on U.S. soil. "I want to continue surfing. But it is a wish, because I have no offers yet," he esperanzó.

Would you recommend to a family member or friend to do the same?

No, because it's quite difficult.

But do you repent?

No way.

In some forums questioned what you did ...

Let me try and you'll see that I can beat my record of 9 hours

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